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I’m currently only booking appointments for online calls on Zoom or phone calls. Please check my calendar for a time that works best for you!

I plan to be available for in-person meetings once dine-in restrictions are lifted in my state. I used to meet restaurant owners in my service area (Eugene/Springfield) at their place of business and I hope to do that again soon (by summer).

When you book a time slot you’ll also be asked what kind of help you need. Please take a moment to fill that out so I can come prepared.


What to Expect When you Book a Call with Jenna

I will already have learned everything I can about your business online. That includes things like how your current website is performing (speed, responsiveness, SEO, and design) and your general online presence. I’ll take a look at your page rank on Google and your activity on social media platforms. I try to get a sense of who your customers are and how you engage with them online. It is not necessary to supply me with any information that can be found online already.

The types of questions I like to ask restaurant owners have more to do with their day-to-day experience. Why you started your business and how you feel about the direction it has gone. Who you serve and what kind of feedback your customers give you.

My main objective with a meeting is to get sense of your goals as a business owner and to discover what the biggest obstacle is for you right now. If you already have something in mind that you know is holding your back please let me know.

After our call you will be emailed with follow-up information. This includes a review of your online presence. I will tailor that review to your needs and also supply some resources for you based off the information that I get during our call.

Don't Need to Book a Call?

If you’d like to skip ahead and get started with your project, you can fill out a quick form and we’ll be in touch with a custom quote for you.