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Social Media Marketing

Build Your Online Presence

We can help you identify which social media platforms are best for your business so you can focus your time on what gets results. We can also provide training for business owners who would like to do it themselves. When you hire us to manage your social media platforms all of your content is scheduled for your approval. We create engaging content, you approve it. We schedule and monitor your social media content, analyze the results, and send you a monthly report detailing the results.

Build Relationship With Your Guests

Your customers and future guests are on social media. They share their favorite places, foods, and drinks with their friends daily. This type of authentic word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising. When you invest in social media marketing, you gain long-term results.

Bring More Visitors to Your Website

Social media marketing has become one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and build your online presence. 

Using Social Media for Marketing

Do we really have to do social media? Business owners know they should be more active on social media. It can be time-consuming and overwhelming. The platforms are constantly changing. It can be challenging for a business owner to keep up on best practices. It’s a lot to keep track of! 

You might not want to spend your precious time on these sites, but avoiding social media entirely can hurt your business.


The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Picture being able to know each of your customers. Can you imagine how well you could tailor your menu and services to suit them. It would be easy to personalize your service. You’d know exactly what kind of specials and promotions they’d rave about.

With social networks, you have the opportunity to be in touch with your customers. It’s easy to share with a large number of people. Through what other avenue can you reach out to a majority of online users in a helpful personal way?

According to the Pew Internet Project, 71% of online adults use Facebook. For many businesses just focusing on this one platform alone can bring amazing results.   

3 Basics for Effective Social Media Marketing

Listen to Your Guests

Social media provides valuable insight into who your customers are and what they like. You’ll have an incredibly resource to improve your service and grow your business.

Be Consistent

If you have a consistent brand across several platforms, your brand will be recognizable. You’ll gain fans fans who are happy to promote you.

Track & Measure Everything

When you track your results you can discover what is working well so you know what to do more of. This valuable marking information.