Building Great Digital Relationships

Experience Complete Marketing Harmony


When your business is a reflection of you it is essential to be deeply involved in the design process. We bring you into the process while handling the technology. It's a partnership that allows you to get support when needed.


The online world can feel overwhelming a scattered. We want to create a place where creatives can breathe. Having the right tools and resources in one place is efficient and can make working on your business more relaxing.


Hospitality is a big part of running a service-based business. A warm welcome begins the second your prospective client arrives on your website. We can help you make your guest experience absolutely perfect.

Digital Marketing Without Stress & Wasted Money

  1. No More Tech Troubles: Creative professionals need time and space to create. They need time to serve their clients. We set up the perfect automated platform to free up that extra time and to make the techie stuff simple.  
  2. The Perfect Amount of DIY: There’s a legitimate need to be deeply involved in the branding and design process because your business is YOU! It needs to reflect your values, voice, and unique positioning in the marketplace. You don’t need to piece together your own platform using DIY tools. You don’t need to spend hours a week learning how to use new platforms. We’ll work together and you’ll never have to DIY your website alone.

Make each person feel seen, heard and valued

Magenta CRM Mission

We’re on a mission to help you make each person feel seen, heard and valued!

We’re here to help you manage your customers, appointments, and online marketing so you can focus on what you do best.

With Magenta CRM, you’ll have everything you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Schedule appointments, track customer data, send out email promotions, and more. Never lose a customer again with our all-in-one communications app.

About Our Website Design Company

Hi, I'm Jenna

Magenta CRM has been a lifesaver for my own business as a web designer. I want to help other creatives earn more and enjoy providing great service for their clients.

The business side of online marketing can be overwhelming. Dealing with invoicing, appointment booking, web hosting, and website updates can be time-consuming and takes away from doing meaningful work.

I hope the automated platform that I have created will help you enjoy marketing and free up your time for creative pursuits and creating content for your clients.

Our Story

Magenta Collective LLC. began as a WordPress web design agency in 2017. We have since evolved into offering more digital marketing services. With that change came the need to create an all-in-one platform to help our clients.

Magenta CRM was designed to be the ultimate marketing platform to replace 30+ other tools that we saw our clients were using. Everything from membership platforms, online booking, lead capture forms, online payments, and live chat can be done using Magenta CRM.

Having to integrate so many platforms into each client’s website was daunting for us, but was even worse for them. Having so many separate logins to keep track of and new learning curve for each tool.  There is also a big expense involved with each new tool. That’s a lot of invoices to pay!

We knew there had to be a better way to help them manage their online presence.

We have grown with our clients and much of what we are able to offer today is only because we struggled to find better ways to help our customers achieve online success. We want to see your business thrive. We want to help you get paid. Most of all we want to create online marketing harmony so you can bring your unique skills and personality to more people. We’ll manage the tech, so you can excel in your business.

About Our Website Design Company

Why the Color Magenta?

In the design world, the color magenta is vital. It is used both in print and web design.

Magenta is also the complementary color of green. It is a color of harmony and balance and reflects our values of collaboration, compassion & hospitality.

Color influences people’s perceptions even without them realizing it. When someone arrives on your website they form an opinion about you in milliseconds. Often times, color plays a role. We love to help our clients find the perfect colors for their brand so they can move forward with sharing their passion to the world with confidence.

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