About Our Website Design Company

Magenta Collective LLC. is a print & web design company offering affordable web design services to grow green businesses specifically food & beverage based businesses. We work together with you to design and maintain your website.

Our graphic design services include menu design, business cards, brochures, wine lists, social media graphics, logos and branded apparel. 

Our website design services include setting up online ordering, table reservation booking, email newsletter forms, event calendars, catering forms, CSA order forms, Square integration, and online stores selling print on demand apparel. 

We even offer writing services, social media marketing, online reputation management, and web hosting. Our Website Care Plans offer support and monthly calls to our clients.

Our website design company is perfect for business owners who want control of their own website and understand the value of getting expert help in crafting their online presence. 


Why Magenta?

The color magenta is vital in both print and web design. Our goal is to provide excellent design services to grow small businesses, specifically of farm to table variety. The color magenta has so much meaning to our mission. Magenta is the complementary color of green. It is a color of harmony and balance and reflects our values of collaboration, compassion & hospitality.

Magenta in Web & Print Design

Magenta is essential in the design world both for print design and web design. In color printing, process magenta (or printer’s magenta) is one of the three pigment colors used to create all of the other colors. 

In the RGB color model magenta is one the three secondary colors. On the RGB color wheel, magenta is the color between rose and violet, and halfway between red and blue.


Passion > Profit

When I began making websites in 2011, I made sites for any type of industry whether it be real estate or health and beauty. I discovered that there were certain projects that were profitable and others that were not, but they were deeply meaningful to me. The profit margins for many restaurant owners are slim, however the work they are doing is important and I feel strongly that it should also be profitable.

I’m passionate about helping local cafe owners, family farms, and restaurants. These small business owners often are doing the work themselves. I love to know that I’m using my design skills to help farm to table based businesses which in turn helps us all.

Passion is greater than profits because when we are working from a place of understanding our why we’re motivated and driven. I also think that passion can lead to profit. Wanting to help the clients I was working with, I developed solutions and pricing that keeps my web design services affordable and gets my clients great results.