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About Our Website Design Company

Our Story

We grow sustainable brands with professional web design and digital marketing solutions.

Our services include everything from setting up online ordering to writing web content. We offer Website Care Plans so our clients always have the support and strategy needed to grow their business. Our online solutions are perfect for business owners who want control of their own website and understand the value having a remarkable online presence. 

Our website design company is located foodie-friendly Eugene, Oregon. We’re interested in helping businesses beyond our state as well. We currently have clients on the coast and in Corvallis. We’d love to learn more about your business goals. Book a free call and tell us more!

One of our first clients ~ Ultralife Cafe in Newport, Oregon

Why the Color Magenta?

In the design world, the color magenta is vital. It is used both in print and web design. Magenta is also the complementary color of green. It is a color of harmony and balance and reflects our values of collaboration, compassion & hospitality.

Our goal is to provide excellent design services to grow small businesses, specifically of farm to table variety. The color magenta has so much meaning to our mission of helping sustainable businesses grow online. 

Owner of Magenta Collective LLC.

About Jenna Dunn

Jenna Dunn is a digital marketing consultant and small business owner at Dunn Digital. She started Magenta Collective in 2017 to help restaurant owners with online marketing. She has helped grow the online presence of several small businesses by creating websites that rank well on Google. Jenna cares deeply about the local foods movement and helping small, independently-owned businesses succeed and generate revenue while supporting local food producers. With front of the house experience and over a decade of WordPress know-how, Jenna brings a unique skill-set to the table. When Jenna is not helping other small business owners, she can be found hiking one of her favorite trails, spending time with her kids or cooking.